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Best days

Your wedding band

Wedding band for your best day

In today’s world every proper wedding must have a great band. And that’s exactly why we are here. Are you planning a grand party with everything included or do you wish for a romantic intimate atmosphere? We can do both.

We will provide musical accompaniment for the entire wedding and ensure that your day is the best in every aspect!

Our repertoire includes a wide range of music genres, including pop, rock, R&B, and many others. We have extensive experience performing at various types of events, such as weddings, corporate parties, festivals, and private celebrations.

Mejdan U Brabců
Mejdan U Brabců

Great band, great wedding

We can guarantee the quality of our production with a 15-year history in the music industry. We honor the traditions of bands with classic rock setups – drums, guitars, and bass guitar, with the exceptional element being the violin of our fantastic singer Anča. Careful selection of songs and the diversity of personalities in the band will engage truly everyone. Believe that even your grandmothers will enjoy themselves!

Music for the ceremony from a speaker? How about acoustic versions of favorite “entrance” songs instead. The bride’s arrival to the sound of violin and guitar will bring tears to even the toughest guys.

Invite us to your wedding and experience a fresh breeze in the world of wedding bands. You won’t regret it!

Wedding packages


3 hours of live music

Violin, vocals, guitar, drums

Professional sound system

Party lights

Travel cost 10kč/km

More information:

30 000,-

Party hard

4 hours of live music

Full Best Days band

Professional sound system

Party lights

Selection from 90 songs

First dance of your choice

1 hour from Prague travel included

Beyond that 10kč/km

More information:

40 000,-

Best Day

5 hours of live music

Full Best Days band

Professional sound system

Party lights

Selection from 90 songs


Live music for ceremony

Afterparty with DJem

First dance of your choice

One more song by request

Travel included

More information:

50 000,-

Haven’t chosen a specific package? Share your vision with us and we’ll surely figure something out.

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happy couples

Niky a Dan
“Best Days have been known to us for years, but when we went to listen to them before our wedding at a concert we were clear that we couldn’t imagine any other band. Led by a fantastic frontwoman, they can kick off a great party that everyone will just remember and get their contact for their events (whether weddings, celebrations, or corporate parties). Even organizing our own family musical surprise was no problem for Best Days to help with. We recommend them with all 10 and thank them very much for helping create a super atmosphere!

Dan & Nicolle

Niky a Dan
“We had the wedding band at our amazing wedding in July 2021. It was the best choice, and I’ll clearly write to you why. The playlist is absolutely top-notch. They send you a Spotify list, and you just choose what you prefer. Whether more Czech or international music, more slow dances or real rock’n’roll.. I even took the liberty of asking them to rehearse ‘Hledá se žena’ by Mandrage as a surprise for my wife, and it was no problem at all. We practiced the song together, and it turned out perfectly. All in all – The wedding was a blast, and if it were possible, we’d organize a wedding with this band every year!”

Dan & Nicolle

Niky a Kuba

“Getting such a diverse crowd of well-fed guests, as wedding guests certainly are, moving is a very tough nut to crack. The guys (and girl) from Best Days excelled in this role and brought the much-needed dose of energy. Their repertoire hit exactly our taste, and together with the fabulous musical performance of all band members, they ensured a perfect atmosphere. The great level of interaction with everyone on the dance floor was just the cherry on top. Thanks for being part of ‘our’ day. We couldn’t have made a better choice.”

Kuba & Niky


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Frequently asked questions

Where are you able to come to play?

If you opt for the “Best Day” package, travel anywhere in the Czech Republic is included in the price. For the “Party Hard” package travel within 1 hour from Prague is included in the price; beyond that we charge 10 CZK per kilometer.

Is it a problem if there is no sound system available at our wedding venue?

No problem! We own high-quality sound equipment that we can bring anywhere it’s needed. Perfect sound is crucial for us.

Your playlist is really extensive, but I still couldn't find my favorite song on it. Would you play it for me?

If it’s within our capabilities, for an appropriate extra charge we are able to learn almost anything. In fact in the “Party Hard” and “Best Day” packages several requested songs are included in the price.

Can you also provide music for the ceremony?

The “Best Day” package includes complete sound reinforcement for the ceremony, including the production of live music. The music will be provided by an acoustic duo (guitar and violin), and believe us, not even the bride’s father’s eye will remain dry!