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wedding package



Do you want Best Days at your wedding, but don’t have the space for the full five-member band? We can also come as an acoustic quartet with our wonderful singer and violinist, Anča. We will create the perfect romantic atmosphere for all attendees. After all, music is the foundation of every wedding.

what’s included?

Rental of lighting and professional sound systems including a wireless microphone for speeches throughout the entire evening. We will provide evening music for 3 hours (4×45 minute blocks) featuring vocals, violin, acoustic guitars, and percussion instruments. Naturally, the first dance to any song of your choice is also included. If the wedding takes place within 1 hour from Prague, travel is included in the price. Beyond that we charge 10 CZK per kilometer.


acoustic or something more?

A smaller wedding calls for a more intimate approach. Acoustic guitars and violin can set the right atmosphere during the day and into the evening hours. Don’t want to deal with hiring a DJ separately? In the evening, we can move behind the DJ booth and kick off a real party. The price for a Best Days DJ set, including professional sound and lighting, is 8000 CZK.

If you’re interested in the full band, check out our “Party Hard” package!

Price: 30 000,-

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